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Text Written and Adapted by Lisbeth Scott


Prologue:   The Garden


Padre, allontana da me questo calice.

Padre. Padre mio!

E non la mia volonta.




Movement 1    Jesus Is Condemned.   Carries the Cross.


O quam gravis

O quam gravis

Ter me, ter me, ter me


Ex Amore Venit,

Ex Amore.


O quam gravis.

O quam gravis, gravis.

Et amare flevit.


Yeshli Adonay oy ye vai rabbim

Rabbim ‘alai Rabbim ‘alai

Yeshli Adonay, oy ye vai rabbim.

Yo shi‘eyn nu Adonay, Adonay!

‘im keyn a have I tho Adonay,

Yatzi le hu  Adonay!

Rabbim ‘alai Elohim.



Movement 2    Jesus Falls.   Meets His Afflicted Mother.

         (text by John Debney and Lisbeth Scott)


Cecidit, cecidit, cecidit

Sicut jubar super terram.

Onere sacri acerbo doloris ei sustinendo.



Non piagere mio piccolo

Seca drai.

Ti terrò fra le braccia mie

Se cadrai

Se cadrai.


Si cut jubar super terram,


Onere sacri acerbo doloris ei sustinendo,



Sustinendo, sustinendo.



La Bakhet Ya ttoflea zorah

Inayit neplit

Ideothe mhadehedelo

Inayit neplit.



Movement 3    Simon of Cyrene.  Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus.




E lui, e lui

Porterà la tua, la tua

Croce sulle sue spalle.


Dolce Gesù,

Questo panno alla fronte.


Questa bevanda alle labbra.


Sia il Tuo rifugio.


La mia anima, la mia anima

straziata ta dalla Tua sofferenza.


Dolce Gesù,

O puro di cuore.


Questo panno alla fronte.


Beatisiano i puri di cuore,

Perché vedranno Dio, Dio, Dio,

Dio, Dio.




Movement 4    Procession of Sorrows.  The Women of Jerusalem.


O questo giorno colmo di lacrime.

Con amore dividiamo il tuo dolore.


Wo vakhyan leqaveli, amer.

K’shafikath mayin ana.

Dima’thi  lakh’mi  leyla wayom,


Leqavel Yeshu’a rakhmani




Movement 5    Jesus Is Stripped.   Agnus Dei.

         (text by John Debney, adapted by Lisbeth Scott)


Despectus erat, repudiatus

repudiatus a viribus,

vir dolorum sciens luctum.


Dorsum ferientibus dedit,

eisdem genas illius.

Eumque denudaverunt.

coronam contexerant spinarum.

super caput eius posuerunt,

et in dextram harundinem.

Genu ant eum flexerunt,

deriserunt dicentes

“Ave Rex Judaeorum!”


Ecce rex vester!

Jesu Domine!

Ecce rex vester Jesu Domine!

Rex tremendae majestatus!


Sanctus, Sanctus Domine.

Pie Jesu

Agnus Dei.



Movement 6    Nailed To The Cross.   Jesus Dies On the Cross.




Tolle hunc!

Numquam lacrima, lacrima,

   Lacrima meus meus liber


Alios salvos fecit, alios salvos fecit,

Salvum faciat!


Qunatus tremor, quando coeli

Movendi sunt!

Sacrificare il suo unico figlio

La luce del mondo.

Perché Dio ha cosi tanto amato il mundo.


Padre mio, perdonali, perdonali perché,


Padre, non sanno quello che fanno

Non sanno la via, non sanno, non sanno.


Vedi, tidico, oggi sarai,

   sarai con me in paradiso, paradiso.



O Dio mio, o Dio mio,

Perché mi hai abbandonato, abbandonato?


I o sono la via, la verità, la luce.


O Padre, a te affido il mio spirito



È la fine.




Movement 7    Jesus Is Brought Down.  Placed In the Tomb.


Sancta Maria,

Mater Dei.


Ze’eyri, Ze’eyri, Ze’eyri


Ze’eyri, Adonay

Ze’eyri, Ze’eyri .

Mah ‘avadu, mah ‘avadu lak?

Ha yibahel qoli baru’akh?

Ze’eyri, Ze’eyri.


Ora pro nobis peccatoribus,


Mater Dei.

Libi aved.




Epilogue:  Resurrection


Surrexit Christus!




Surrexit Christus Dominus!


Adoramus Te, glorificamus Te

Benedicimus Te.


Propter magnam gloriam,

Domine Deus, Rex Coelestis.


Cum Sancto Spiritu

In Gloria Dei Patris


Surrexit Christus!

Surrexit Christus!


Yeshua, Yeshua,

Hey bel livivi al shmay ya

Y’khaseyn li shlam ka

Qadish sha tith sha be’akh

Khed wah min kul di le he weh

Hosanna Yeshua







Father take this cup from me.

Father. My Father!

Yet not what I will, but what you will.






Oh, how grievous

Oh, how grievous

Three times

You will deny me

From love he came,

From love.


Oh how grievous,

Oh how grievous.

And he wept bitterly.


So many enemies I have Lord

So many against me

So many enemies I have Lord

Let the Lord save Him!

If the Lord loves Him so much,

Let the Lord save Him!

So many, my God.






He fell, He fell, He fell

As a ray of light upon the earth.

The bitter weight of Holy

Sorrow His to Bear.


Don’t cry my little one

If you should fall.

My arms will cradle you

If you should fall

If you should fall.


As a ray of light upon the earth,


The bitter weight of Holy

Sorrow His to bear,


His to bear.



Don’t cry my little one

If you should fall

My arms will cradle you

If you should fall.





Be merciful,


For He shall

Bear your

Cross upon His back.


Gentle Jesus,

I place this cloth upon your brow.


I place this drink upon your lips.


Let me be your refuge.


My soul, my soul

is pierced by your suffering.


Gentle Jesus,

O pure of heart.


I place this cloth upon your brow.


Blessed are the pure of heart,

For they shall see God, God, God,

God, God.






Oh this day full of tears.

With love beyond all telling,

We share your grief as one.

Do not weep for me, you say.

I am poured out like water.

My tears have been my food

Night and day,

For my gentle Jesus.







He was despised and rejected,

Rejected of men,

a man of sorrow, acquainted

with grief.

He gave His back to the smiters,

And His cheeks to them.

And they stripped Him.

They had plated a crown of thorns.

They put it on His head,

And a reed in His right hand.

and they bowed the knee before Him

and mocked Him saying

“Hail King of the Jews!”


Behold your King!

Lord Jesus!

Behold your King Lord Jesus!

King of awful Majesty!


Holy, Holy Lord.

Blessed Jesus!

Lamb of God.





Crucify Him!


Away with Him!

No tears my little one!

   Lacrima meus meus liber


He saved others,

Let Him save Himself.


What trembling when the

Heavens shall quake!

He gave His only son

The light of the world

For God so loved the world.


Father of mine, forgive them,

forgive them because,

Father, they know not what they do.

They know not the way, they know not.


Behold, I say unto you,

today you will be with me

in paradise.


Oh My God, Oh My God,

Why hast thou abandoned me?


I am the way, the truth the light.


Father, into your hands I commit

my spirit.


It is finished.






Holy Mary,

Mother of God.


My child,


My child, Lord,

My child, my child.

What have they done to you?

Is my cry lost on the wind?

My child, my child.


Pray for us sinners,


Mother of God.

My heart is done.




Epilogue:  Resurrection


Christ has risen!




Christ Our Lord Has Risen!


We worship You, we glorify You,

We bless You.


Because of Thy Great Glory,

Lord God, King of Heaven.


With all glory to The Holy Spirit

And to God the Father.


Christ Has Risen!

Christ Has Risen!


Jesus, Jesus,

lift my heart to Heaven.

Thy peace enfold me

Holy One all praise to thee!

All life rejoices!

Hosanna, Jesus!



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